Sunday, May 10, 2015


She’s in the echo of my laugh
She’s in the outline of my smile
She’s in the subtense of my silhouette
She’s in my sarcastic style.

She’s in the shape of my eyes
She’s in the tenor of my voice
She’s in the size of my hands
She’s in my thoughtfulness over a choice.

She’s in the color of my hair
She’s in my adoration of words
She’s in need to help, to plan
She’s in my nerdy obsession with birds.

She’s in my hopeless romanticism
She’s in the way my heart cares past reason
She’s in how I’m always cold
She’s in my love of the fall season.

She is someone that I have come from
She is someone that is in me each day
She is someone I am becoming more alike
And someone who’s become a friend along the way.