Saturday, April 11, 2015


let's think it to death
let's kill it with thoughts
let's draw so many lines
to so many dots
that it is no longer a map
but a mess of threads
a suffocating tangle.

let's refashion our shadow
to block out the bright
that is a spotlight
to our every uncertainty.
keep it all in the shade
blended into the darkness.

let's wait for tomorrow
let's let someone else choose
won't someone else decide for you?
because the innumerous "ifs"
live in the Tower of Babel
chattering all at once
in the great cacophony
of paralyzing possibilities

you'll disappoint someone.
yourself? or everyone else?
you'll face regret.
does the fear of it drive you?
all ways are good
all bad
all neither and both at once.

the weight of a storm.
it's raining.
yes and nos.
nos and yes.
so hard that we can't tell the difference
(is there a difference?)
maybe "right" is a fiction
a delusion
a dream

a dream
in which choices 
are more straight forward
all red flags
and flashing lights
and exit signs
to help you select the steady road
when in truth
there is no where to fall but