Sunday, January 11, 2015


both leaving & coming
at once going, but also staying.
we’ve become something porous.
something plucked,
but not yet used:
over-ripe with pipe dreams.

and everywhere
feels like “home” now.
and that feels right
but also feels wrong
until we become both alien & native

but to be happy in the happiness of others
is our merciful vocation
and we’re too fragile to break
so there is no need for concern.
our fantasy is preferred
so they can’t take it from us.

after all,
we are nothing to no one
and that brings a great weight
but it brings a great lightness too
and it is what we are called to do
this team of i and you.

our appetite for ambition
was never enough to put up a fight
we made exits easy
exits inevitable
and some part of us likes it
because we’re good at it.

we throw ourselves back in the fray
before we’ve had time to heal
time to be ok
and with wounds bleeding fresh
we welcome ourselves to the salty sea
in hopes that the sting
might breed future immunity.

you and i
we speak melancholy.
we wrap ourselves in it
and find we love the skies we’re under.
it may turn others asunder
and make others look at us and wonder
but we are glad in sorrow.

so for every today and tomorrow
we treasure the yesterday
finding ourselves split
and stretched
rootless but not listless
and traveling well with the wind.