Tuesday, August 26, 2014


so impossibly fragile
just barely there
and too delicate to last.
too tightly clung to
now shattered in hungry hands.

the shards cannot be savored
cannot be treasured
cannot be kept
any caress is fatal
their collection a growing threat

but don't forget
the beauty of breaking:
fractions glitter in fading light
speaking of a thinned wholeness
that is so painfully right.

there's a silent voice found there,
cradled in broken palms:
it's a song
it's a start
and it's straight from the heart.

the shards melt to sand
returning to how they began
but you can't go with them
you remain
you are changed by the stain.

solid becoming liquid
although you could never see
and you could never be
aware of the evolution
equipped for the slow shift.

because it is so fragile
impossibly there
too delicate to cling to
and too soon to be shattered
by your wounded hands.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



snag in the steadiness,

of the quilt wrapped around,

and silent sound

is no longer found

comfortably in the way.

feeling far away,

where nothing can stay

is the season that slowly drifts

my carefully constructed rifts,

in ground that sifts

is a threat to the veiled mind.

time is ever unkind

and won’t rewind

all the wasted worry,

so much in a hurry

but no matter how i scurry

i face the same echoing shade.

i feel unmade,

in hues that fade

marking the lost mile,

and all the while

growing in fine style

is my muted voice.

and here’s the choice:

to rejoice

in the uncertain things,

or fear the sun’s stings

and all that jumping brings:

falling into the ash of what was fired.

so tired

and needing to be rewired,

i can’t remain without motion,

it’s a choppy ocean

that requires devotion

to deny the surfaced readiness.