Tuesday, March 18, 2014


it is a beautiful let down
a bittersweet melody
like honey and sea salt
like everything i can't resist:
there is a ghost in a shell
playing at invisibility
haunting, but foresworn
to seamlessness.

it's everything you won't miss
wrapped up in a bow
can't follow where you go:
a slowly evaporating shadow.
i thought i could run fast enough
to capture the wind
to avoid the choice
to sink or to swim.

instead: a sensory extinction
a breathless echo of youth
an abducted memory
cloaked in reckless abandon.
for this sadness
is a delicious sort of madness
creeping through my bones
and finding itself quite at home.

and i'm fine
i'm fine, i'm fine
i just can't change the pace
to this misty space.
choosing confusion
an alluring delusion
a warming uncertainty
of the cast offs
of the dead things.

it is a truer type of spring
a re-birthing
an opening of clenched fists
a needed hit or miss.
a mercy made severe
a calling away from fear
a seed dying to grow
with bittersweet fruit.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


a double horizon line
the first - a mirage
the second - a speechless reflection.
it defies recollection
of the road long-to-end
so impossibly long
that the start seems
a anonymous friend
that wanders onward
to an imprisoned freedom
of being quite lost,
quite impossibly found.

separated and
drawn out
and made paper thin
by a wayward root system
it cannot be helped
oh, to be something more than yourself
slipped into the cracks
absorbed in the darkness.
instead we are dazed
and self-abused
becoming restive drifters
on a canopy of pine
with an intoxicating perfume of sap
damp earth
and winter wind.

the barren branches
can’t embrace you as you wish
they sway and hiss
poised in the lilac dawn light.
they are a captivating sight
their whispers
the worst of siren songs
forever prolonged
deafness becomes us
as we linger
captivated by
the accepted unknown.