Monday, September 24, 2012


a heaviness, a weight
we stew, over-contemplate
unnecessarily, we complicate
long exhausted in this flurried state

a fog, clouded sight
this seemingly eternal night
we agonize over wrong? right?
lungs full of shadowed plight

and it stings, wears, and burns
through the many twists and turns
in predictable yet alien patterns
through a whirlpool of our concerns

there we demonized uncertainty
rather than seeing it as a necessity
to obtain truest clarity
on the path to opportunity

looking for the hidden horizon line
we stretch, yearn, and pine
for some sort of direction sign
to the goal we struggle to define

we are told to wait, pause, trust
but we feel our thoughts about to bust
but in a soothing, peaceful gust
whispers soothe our hope-wanderlust

once we let go of the wheel
submit our proclaimed ideal
we come to see that with grace each ordeal
has left scars to reminder that we can heal

Thursday, September 20, 2012


we have fallen asleep
blanketed by our woes
adrift out in the greyed deep
off to where ever the current goes

addicted to direction
yet we so easily stray away
down a path of our defined ‘perfection’
ignoring guidance to simply ‘stay’

we’ve forgotten to be Your reflection
to plan to be You to each we see
so we must accept Your loving correction
to mold us back to who You intended us to be

with aching thirst for vision
we cry out with parched tongues
but still don’t seek You into our decision
so the fog continues to fill our lungs

our horizon remains hidden
we clutch our treasured plans to our chest
turn a deaf ear to where we are bidden
to where our time would be spent best

we envy of those with clarity,
(we confess before the Your thrown)
may we come to see the beauty in disparity
accept that not everything is to be now known

may we give our plans to You in offering
knowing You have better ones instore
come to see that uncertainty need not be suffering
but rather the only way to see the open door

Friday, September 14, 2012


it is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars
-richard evans-

one of the best parts about backpacking, is sleeping outside, sans tent, under the sea of stars.  as you lay there, you will your lids to never grow heavy, because you simply cannot drink in the sight above enough.  i’ve realized that you never truly sees the stars until  1) you are way from the distractions of artificial light and 2) until you are in true darkness.

my overly pensive mine of course dove into this experience to make an analogy out of it.

God is Light, Christ the Light of the World, and the Holy Spirit the Light that lives within us. we are unable to truly see this Light when we have so many layers of distractions, artificial “light pollution” (if you will) in our moment-to-moment life.  we live in the world, and it is easy to fall into the pattern to being of the world. To fill all our free time with things we do not call God into.  we lose sight of Him because you can’t see true Light when there are layers of other light on top of it, woven around it, stifling it out.  you have to strip down those layers, limit the use and shining of these “artificial lights” in order to truly see the brightest Light of all.  we often don’t feel God’s presence, see Him working in our life, simply because we have buried Him under so much business and distractions.  being out under the stars reminds me of the importance of simplification, striping down my life so I am always able to see the source of the most brilliant Light of all.

the other thing about stars, you don’t see all of them unless you are in complete darkness.  the strange thing about human nature, is that we often don’t see all of God at work in our life, until we find ourselves at our very lowest points.  but in darkness, light is able to shine the brightest, and in the hard times of life, God is able to be most visible, because our need for Him is greater, and we seek Him more earnestly.  oh, if we only sought Him with such longing in the “bright” and “dark” times. if only.  but as we need the darkness to truly appreciate the wonder of the stars, so too do we need periods of darkness in our life to truly understand the majesty of our Creator. to take in all that He is.

a final thought about the stars, is that, depending on your geographical location, some stars are visible, and others are not, some are brighter than others.  the vision of the stars is individual, personal, and changes depending where we go.  in the spiritual sense this is true as well.  some aspects of God are felt more intensely than others for each of us.  each of us have a personal, unique, and different relationship with God compared to our friends, family, neighbor.  the intensity of some aspects of God changes depending on our walk with Him, where we are in life in a particular season, and based on our own particular struggles and needs. God meets each of us as we are, but He is always present for each of us, just like the stars…always there, if we were only to seek the sight, strip down the distractions, and stop to look up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


nothing much matters now
that the rosemary’s gone away
the meadow grown easily over
where its roots did once lay

it’s a detail of little significance
in a sea of grass grown long
the spruce did hardly noticed
they still grew straight and strong

only the lone meadowlark
missed its earthy scent,
its song forever changed
into a new woeful lament

the rosemary was the muse
the inspiration for its hymns
as it fluttered over the meadow
trilled from tree limb to limb

the bird stood witness
at the uprooting of it all
and had proper forewarning
had practiced its mourning call

but the rosemary did not cry out
did not plead the lark to follow
its aroma simply snuffed out
no promised return for the marrow

the world's grown confusing
the owls are not what they seem
but the lark just keeps on wafting
in his dream within a dream

his wings taste the air
as it soars, glides, descends
but his flights have lost flavor
his heart so little comprehends

feeling lost and distracted
he lands upon a branch to rest
somewhere unknown, uncertain
accepting that was is, is best

he is settling in for winter
a storm approaches from the east
there among the grey and leafless
he finds his soul can feast