Tuesday, July 31, 2012


give us this day our daily bread
-matthew 6:11-

i can't claim this to be an original musing, but it is a paraphrasing and compliment to a podcasted sermon on the topic of prayer.

after hearing one bit of the sermon i was hit with a healthy dose of conviction.  i over look the important and blessing of prayer so often. it is an area i let slide in my walk with the Lord, unintentionally...i really just forget. and  that is a reflection of an incomplete understanding of its power and priority.

as the pastor of this podcast mentioned, you can take one of two paths in your day-to-day existence: self-sustenance or God-sustenance.  self-sustenance is our default, or at least it is mine.  it is the mindset that tells us we can rely on no one but ourselves for our daily needs: physical, emotional, cognitive, financial, spiritual.  but the self is limited, easily depleted.  God-sustenance is infinite and unfailing.  an unending supply of all we need if we only asked for it, waited upon it, trusted it.  how often i do not do any of those things, and it is ready for the taking.

sometimes it is a bit confusing to know exactly what your mindset is, whether you are geared with a heart seeking self-sustenance or God-sustenance.  as the pastor related, your choice is made evident in your prayer life.  do you come to God earnestly? daily? in the small and big moments?  i most often only come to Him in a crisis, when something has gone wrong in my life or the life of someone dear to me.  i only come to Him for the big things, seeing the small decisions as things i can handle on my own, that don't require His assistance or guidance.  i only come to Him in times of woe or sorrow, forgetting to come to Him in praise and celebration.  how foolish of me.

when Jesus instructed us on how to pray, part of that prayer asks "give us this day our daily bread." not "monthly" or "annually" or "lifetime" supply of bread, DAILY.  God wants us to come to Him daily for sustenance, because our hearts and spirits thrive more fully when we recognize our need of Him, when we take advantage of his omnipresence and reservoir of love, peace, and joy consistently, not periodically.  we are reliant on Him whether we know it or not, and the more we own up to it, and wrap ourselves in that truth, the more sustained we feel in any an all situations. when we don't come daily, for the small and big things, we feel spiritually dry, feel Him to be distant.  or at least that is what i have found, and i usually blame Him for being silent, distant.

we so often see reliance on any other as a weakness.  we've been silently or out-rightly molded into a mentality of "every man for himself," that we can depend on no one but ourselves.  but even we are not so dependable, not so limitless.  we are all in the end reliant on something or someone, and may we give thanks that we have such a reliable Father to be reliant upon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


you already know how this will end,
the chapter's final phrase written was before its first,
knew that echoes of unspoken words go to rest
in the shadow land of eternal thirst.

so when do dreams masked as hope wither?
when do they dig their own grave?
is there no stifling their whispers?
must they make your thoughts a slave?

in a recognizable rhythm, wandering cadence,
these stirred words flutter around your mind
stir up blankets of dust, abandoned ash
resurrecting images that are sweetly unkind.

as a swarm they collect themselves in a swelling hum
you know the final measure of their song of power
so cloak yourself in their intonation- 
dawn always follows the darkest hour

Thursday, July 19, 2012


smelling of ashes dampened by rain,
hallowed out
in a silent shout
and nothing to mark the refrain.
sails stall
seeds fall
seeking the wind long absent and lost,
full to the brim
but must sink (not swim)
since no language to speak of the cost.
breath held in
thunder to begin
as the sky explodes in flashes,
with only muteness to continual crashes.
storm swept beach
just beyond reach
patterns terrify, yet bless,
trees quake,
try to take
up the rhythm of the designed stress.
gray consumes
wind resumes
but of a foreign, unfamiliar kind,
sighs are swallowed
on time long borrowed
as the wish converts into the bind.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


blueprints of our mistakes
held up for review
beside the volumes of worry
shelved in our minds,
their well-worn pages
yellowed and faded
pages folded upon the chapters
we just can't let go of.
the taste of today’s
dose of reality
unearths ignorance
as artificially sweet
masking what needs deciding
dulling our senses
from the fear of choices.
the cacophony
makes mute the melody
we stamp out the beat
while chasing after the lukewarm
the mirage of false promises
of assured escape from regret.

if only we’d sit still.

we’d hear the whispering
we’d escape the weight
we could fling off our yoke
or another made light
by the battle already won

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


swallowed shadows
sift in the sinking sand
as the dusk, embraced
blankets the wind swept land
drinking in the moonglow
the leafless trees sway
to the beat of a muted melody
from a horizon far away
the fog tiptoes in the woods
subtle movements, invisible steps
fingertips tracing
the deeply hidden depths
the hues of grey
blend in a delicate dance
the ashen veil provides
a blurred clairvoyance
vision mercifully held
to a mere two steps ahead
the only way to move onward
is to cling to a hand & be led