Tuesday, June 26, 2012


shadows have become
the best depictions of the self
as shattered reflections
forfeit their rightful wealth

outlines grow to be enough
sufficient, and self contained
lukewarm and complacent-
we’ve been expertly trained

echoes of our first love
become lost in the glittering sea
willfully drowning the voice
that calls us to what we might be

we mourn over faded photographs
of self-defined better days
clinging to our dimming past
exposed by the future’s rays

the battle rages invisible
still we must chose a side
it can’t be stifled or avoided
there is no place to hide

breath abandons us
abducted by anguished waves of wind
fusion, confusion
we feel we’ve been penned in

we long for a mosaic
to make use of each shattered bit
grace, if we permit it
freely makes all fit

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


winter was in those eyes
in crystallized silence
of petrified wood
the whisper of the hallows
transformed into shadows
miming  movement

weeping seas were in those eyes
the color of drowned dreams
in a silent cry
echoing  words unspoken
in a tone of dying love
that never learned to breathe

abandoned ash was in those eyes
singing of sorrow
harmonizing muted hope
and grace put on hold
in a droning cadence
entrancing in its pain

aging aspen were in those eyes
freezing time
haunted and forgotten
in a meadow of grasses
quaking in an amber wind
unseen and unseeing

Sunday, June 17, 2012


shoulders catching my tears
a sponge absorbing my regret
an embrace bringing healing
wind to blow away every fret

a hand held bringing comfort
encouragement to make me bold
a listening ear for me to unload on
coaching stretching me beyond the mold 

strength carrying me when i’m broken
counsel that keeps me sane
friendship speaking understanding
eyes teaching discernment through pain

light when e’m trapped in darkness
legs carrying me when i feel weak
my confidence when i’ve had none
lips comprehending when i don’t want to speak

arms catching me when i fall from dreams
wisdom shaping my path, my way
a foundation to recover my balance
happy father’s day


(for mother's day)

birch avenue
a part of you
so a part of me
we share the same roots
in this type of tree
the same sap in our veins
the leaf delicacies
in our finger tips
the earthy tones
in our cheeks and lips
if we close our eyes
we can travel back
to where you knew youth
to where your mom
still dwells
in the a-frame house
with fenceless yards
grass all about
her warm presence
permeates it all
she is the birch
of this avenue
living in me and you
so she runs in our veins
in our finger tips
is the color
of our cheeks and lips
lets close our eyes
and go
to the birch avenue
you used to know

Monday, June 4, 2012


would the sun rise with more amber?
would sea breeze have more salt?
would the world see in more colors?
today would have been
eighteen steps

would tree branches dance more unashamed?
would Christmas morning smell more spicy or sweet?
would time tip toe by more slowly?
today would have been
eighteen steps

would more stars carpet the sky?
would hands hold more often?
would laughter be me contagious?
today would have been
eighteen steps

would thoughts slow themselves down?
would rain sing more sweetly?
would smiles be more sincere?
today would have been
eighteen steps

would ears listen more and mouths speak less?
would trees stretch taller?
would words have more substance?
today would have been 
eighteen steps

would love be more or less?
would breaths dig deeper?
would steps be more certain?
today would have been 
eighteen steps

would closeness be closer?
would twilight be less glorious?
would loads be light or heavier?
today would have been 
eighteen steps

would the present be more rooting
would shadows be less intimate
would gray be less beautiful
today would have been
eighteen steps