Monday, August 29, 2011


throwing aside his cloak he jumped up and came to Jesus
~mark 10:50~ 

as i listened to a podcasted sermon centered on this scripture*, of bartimaeus throwing off his cloak and going to Jesus i was convicted by how tightly i hold onto and depend on things that are not Christ.  for bartimaeus the cloak was everything: it was his livelihood [a place for people to put coins as he begged], it was his place of rest [something to sit on during the day and sleep under at night]. and his identity [marked him as a blind man].  yet, and might i add without physical sight, when he heard Christ's call he did not hesitate but completely abandoned his security and identity [cloak] and went to Jesus.

i'm sure i've heard this scripture in a sermon somewhere before, or read it at one point...but it never impacted me as it did this time around.  i so often take scripture too lightly, do not absorb it for what it is worth, and miss how relate-able all the stories in the Bible are to my own life...most especially ones about blindmen

all of us like comfort, and its not a bad thing. but we can't like comfort, our sense of security, so much that we would not discard it in an instant if Christ called us to do so.  i think i too often fall into that category of clinging too tightly to comfort.  Comfort is well...comfortable...and i wonder that if Christ did call me to discard it...or perhaps He has in some fashion and i have not listened, not chosen to hear...would i wrestle with doing so...mourn the loss of it?

so looking at bartimaeus' example hit me hard, he just threw off his cloak, his one item of comfort and security and went to Jesus.  wow. looking at the world today we are all constantly struggling to have enough savings, a better salary, a reliable car, a house,the newest iPhone...the list goes on and on.  and our identity is something we're always clinging to, trying to solidify the definition of.  how humbling to see this example of throwing away one's self-constructed, personally defined identity, and running to Christ for our identity instead.  too often we choose, or at least i know i have, to remain blind to the identity Christ calls me too...because i am just too comfortable in my cloak.

so thank you bartimaeus [a rather awesome name you have, by the way] for your example of abandoning comfort and identity to seek both in Christ.

* Podcast from reality carpinteria