Sunday, March 27, 2011


"why do you ask my name?" the angel of the Lord replied, "it is too wonderful for you to understand."
~Judges 13:18~

heaven is difficult to conceptualize...eternity simply impossible to wrap our minds around. if you really stop for a moment and try to think about the word eternity, what illustrations and imagery can we possibly apply to it? the inability to put heaven and eternity into words is most frustration for someone so swept up in words...yet the inability to put such things into words makes the attempt, the stabbing at it, all that more enticing and fosters much more creativity then if God allowed us to easily conceptualize the incomprehensible.

and faith is built upon such things. trusting without fully knowing or understanding, because, quite often, evidence and full knowledge do not necessarily lead to greater trust, peace, and contentment. the human mind was designed to have its imaginative and cognitive limits, some knowledge would be far too much for our mortality to handle. God, is gracious in this way among many.

many things that fall into this category, of being too beautiful, too wonderful for us to understand in the hear-and-now. i find that as simultaneoulsy a frustration to curiosity and a freeing blessing for, as was seen in Eden, too much knowledge is just...well...too much. just to know that heaven contains things too wonderful to understand provides me with great hope and peace as i go through the day-to-day. as the Lord wisely withholding such things but yet promising us that blessings beyond our comprehension are yet to come He provides what we need to sustain mortality, to endure trials, and to shape our sight (as much as humanly possible) into an eternal perspective, all which make our present more beautiful in ways we will only come to fully comprehend when we become a part of eternity.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.
~John 3:8~

the wind has always been a vehicle for God to speak into me and an opportunity for me to give praise to is power & majesty, omnipotence & mystery and reminds me that these are the qualities of Our Father. it is a way for me to sense His presence in my life, or rather a symbol of how His presence materializes in our lives: we sense Him but cannot tell where He comes from or where He is going.

there were heavy winds today, which prompted me to think about the wind. storms always have made me childlike, excitement wells up inside me, leaking out as i run to the nearest window to watch the storm rage outside or to the nearest door to go and feel the wind blow across my face, in my hair...perhaps it is because i rarely get to take in such storms...but in truth i think that i would feel the same even if it were any every-day occurrence

wind hits at something deep in my soul, it speaks to some fundamental of my personal aesthetics. i could listen to it for ours on end and watch it make tree branches dance and leaves fly without growing tired, it is almost like i can't take it in enough

so to me the wind is symbolic of what heaven will be like...what being in the presence of God will be like...we just won't be able to take in enough of it, we will never grow tired of worshiping Him, He will capture our spirits, and equate to everything that we personally define as beautiful

that day is yet to come, and for now i will take the small glimpses of being the wind