Thursday, December 30, 2010


as much society goes after "progress," "modernity," and "the new," so much of the old-fashioned and historic remains in vogue. we marvel over relics in museums, purchase old fashioned cars, shop in antique stores, print our favorite photos in black & white, and dress in vintage clothing. we keep looking back, trying to revive it in the present, which seems contradictory for all the praise that progress has gotten. i for one am quite please that footprints of the past are visible and growing in the modern era. traditions are still passed on and glorified, people still use the post, silver screen movies remain (although some adapted to technicolor), old sayings are chuckled at by youth but then adapted into conversations despite their best efforts to not be "just like mom and dad," and old souls are born into every new generation who pine for an era they never knew.

as we race towards the future, the past still captivates and intrigues us