Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i wonder if there is any psychology to letters...or rather if the first letters of your first & last name has any influence on the development of your personality. maybe some people would think i'm odd or crazy for thinking this, but in some ways, if you really think about it, don't you sort of feel an unexplainable attachment to your initials? Growing up & going through school we are sort of classified and organized by our initials. We feel a sort of unexplainable kinship to someone with the same or similar initials and in some ways feel that these letters help define us. Artists often develop a logo/signature/tag to represent themselves. You grow up doodling those letters, they become the easiest letters for you to write, those that flow most smoothly from your hand. If you are being completely honest with yourself, i think you too can find that you also feel some sort of affinity for your initials, and i am left wondering if my initials would have been different, would it have changed the way my personality had developed, or the way i have come to view/understand myself?