Wednesday, March 31, 2010


when most of us think of worship we think of music first. and not that this is bad or wrong, in fact it may be the truest and most natural form of worship for some people. i am just not one of them. i used to struggle with that a lot, thinking there was something "wrong" with me because music didn't seem to be the language God designed me to worship Him in. but then i learned, which was really no surprise, that God is not as legalistic as many of us make Him out to be.

to me worship is thanking God for what He gives, recognizing the ways in which He moves in our lives, expressing awe for what He is...and that all comes out sounding like mush, or not really sounding like anything concrete. i guess its just one of those things that is a bit difficult to define, because it is such personal and individualized term: it means the same yet something slightly different to everyone.

at any rate, i don't immediately go to music when i think of worship. the language of my worship comes in a few forms. first, i have always connected with and felt God most in nature. in the whispers of the wind, in the crash of the waves, in the height and sway of trees, in the strength and power of mountains, in the intricate hues of a sunset or dawn. simply being in God's creation and recognizing that He is the Creator of it all, the Artist of it all, is one way i worship. a second way i worship is writing. most times poems, sometimes just streams of consciousness, but words have always been this captivating source of beauty for me, a joy which i attribute completely to God. lastly, seeing God move in the lives of others and recognizing His presence in others is a form of worship for me. there are so many times that i hear His voice in the words of others, see Him reflected in the emotions emitted by the eyes of those i know, feel His love while in the presence of friends and family. i too often take these kind of blessings for granted, but sometimes i am able to articulate internally that these things are God at work, are God reaching out to me in my own life, and that is worship.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The other night, a friend of mine brought up the question to a group of us, "is it possible to ever be living in complete truth?" As a disclaimer, we are all Followers of Christ, so we do believe in an essential Truth, that which is outlined in the Bible.

However, we were really speaking of truth in the sense of what it means to be telling and living in truth in our day to day life. We all know what lying is, yet we tend to categorize lies, as if some lies are somehow more truthful than others: fibs, falsehoods, white lies, deception, slander, fiction, hyperbole, fable, tall tale, etc. But all of these things are really all one in the same: an untruth.

And what does it really mean to know the "truth" about something? Can we ever really know the full truth about anything? About someone? About ourselves? We are so limited in the construct we label "time" that it seems that there is not a way to know the entirety of anything. Yet, this is not discouraging, for it means that there is always more to learn and to inquire about.

"Truth" has become one of those words that we throw around too liberally, such that its meaning becomes lost over time. "Love" and "Happiness" are other such words. We know that a "lie" is an untruth, but what about withholding information from someone, is that still "truthful". In a sort of classic example, someone gets a hair cut...and it does not suit them well, and you are left with three options:
1) Tell them that it looks good (a lie)
2) Tell them that it looks bad (the truth)
3) Say nothing (withholding information: lie or truth?)

I feel that I am writing/thinking in circles, but this is something I do often, turn around ideas and meanings in my mind, and throw ideas back and forth with friends...and I enjoy it. Its not about finding an answer, its about exchanging ideas...and we didn't really come to any conclusions, about whether one can ever live in complete truth...but life's a journey of exploring such musings.