Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today we live in a world of instant communication. This is not a revolutionary observation or anything, but sometimes i forget that this is not the way it always was. I have grown up with email, texting and Facebook...all of these things are abnormal and confusing to my parents. And i began to think how odd i would consider someone my age to be if they did not have a cell phone or an email address...but where is it written as law that we all must?

I sometimes wonder what will be the consequences of instant communication will be, of always being on an electronic leash of sorts. There is something tragic in the loss of older forms of communication: telegraph, carrier pigeons, pony express...even the standard letter writing. But then again I am an old-fashioned soul, so maybe i am the only one mourning the loss while everyone else is rejoicing in the progress to electronic communication. In fact I still stubbornly maintain snail-mail communication simply because I think it more exciting to get something in the mail box than in the Inbox.

However, this is not to say that I don't utilize and enjoy the instantaneous methods of communication. I spend way more time on Facebook than I should and it has truly allowed me to stay in touch with people and to know people better than I would have otherwise. This seems strange to say, but I think online personal pages like Facebook do allow people to know each other better, as long as it is used with face-to-face communication and conversation as well.

With all the methods we already have, what could possibly come next? We already have a way to talk at any moment (cell phone) and to write at any moment (texting, chatting, email, etc.), so where could 'progress' lead now? Are personal Marauder's Maps* a possibility, so that we will know the whereabout of anyone at all times? Whose to say where the limits will be drawn. As for me, while a Facebook junkie, I'm still buying stamps and and putting pen to paper for post.
*for all of you who don't know what I am talking about when i say "Marauder's Maps", that little reference just revealed me to be the unashamed Harry Potter fan i am

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I want to be a writer...or at least i think i do. I don't know in what format...books or magazines or what...but that is the the current flavor of the month: a writer. But how does one even become a writer? I have great doubts about whether i could even be any good at writing. I mean, must because i'm constantly writing in a journal and love to read the writings of others doesn't mean i could actually write anything worth reading in the opinion of others.

Still, i am at a point in my life in which i have to start searching for what it is i was made to do, for what my niche in this world is, for the format in which God designed me to bring Him glory. And to be perfectly frank, i am feeling and have been feeling quite lost in this search. What i do know is that i am very passionate about words. I know that sounds over-sentimental and vapid to some, but i know of no other way to describe it. Words are like hues of paint to me, the mood and tone they give off seem to illustrate scenes and emotions as an artist does on a canvas. I simply get lost in them. This fascination and love of words has led me to believe that perhaps the niche God has created me for would involve words in some fashion.

So i have decided to start a blog as an exercise to see if writing is something i could in fact become adept at. I doubt anyone else will ever read this or that i would show it to anyone else, but it will help me in my personal introspection of what direction my life should take career wise. You simply cannot know if you are suited to do something unless you try it, and blogging is a risk-free way to see if i was designed for the production of written words.